Installing the Lock Bracket and Shim

Parts needed for this procedure:

Lock bracket1
Bolt (M10 x 30 mm)4
Lock washer (M10)4
Washer (M10)4
Nut (M10)4
  1. Locate the shim under the hitch assembly on the shipping crate.

  2. Align the shim as shown in Figure 1.

    Note: The holes on 1 end of the shim are closer to the edge than the holes on the other end. Rotate the shim so that the top is flush with the machine frame.

  3. Secure the lock bracket and shim to the frame of the machine with the bolts, lock washers, washers, and nuts.

    Note: Torque the nuts to 52 N∙m (38 ft-lb).

  4. Install the hitch assembly to the hitch pivot bracket as instructed in the Operator’s Manual.