Important: For Grandstand machines with the serial ranges listed below, engage the clutch at least 50 times before installing and operating the Blower and Drive Kit.• Model 74513—Serial number 405291650 and before• Model 79518—Serial number 405291708 and before• All other models—Serial number 405453838 and beforeEnsure to engage the clutch at least 45 seconds and disengage it at least 15 seconds each time. This can be accomplished through normal use of the machine before installing the kit.


Replacing the Existing Pulley Assembly and Belt

Parts needed for this procedure:

Pulley assembly1
Nut (3/8 inch)3
  1. Park the machine on a level surface, shut off the engine, set the parking brake, and remove the key.

  2. Remove the existing belt for the blower and discard it.

  3. Remove the existing nuts from the existing pulley assembly and discard the nuts and pulley assembly (Figure 1).


    Important: Ensure the new pulley assembly is centered over the top of the mower deck pulley.

  4. Install the new pulley assembly to the mower deck with 3 nuts (3/8 inch) (Figure 1).

  5. Install the new belt as shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3.

  6. Clean the area on the blower where the decal is applied and let it dry.

  7. Install the decal (Figure 4).